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Health Babes Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Dr. Campbell has a captivating conversation with Dr. Heather Finley, a registered dietitian specializing in gut health with a doctorate in clinical nutrition, Dr. Finley takes us on a journey through the intricate world of our gut.

 In this episode, we explore how gut health extends far beyond digestion. Dr. Heather reveals her journey into the field of gut health, discussing its profound impact on both our minds and bodies. From unraveling the mysteries of bloating and the role of stress to uncovering the root causes of constipation, we share practical steps for improving gut health. Join us as we learn about the vital connection between what we eat, how we live, and the thriving ecosystem within us, right here on the Health Babes podcast.



(02:32) How Dr. Heather got into gut health

(05:34) The gut’s impact on your mind and body

(07:05) Bloating

(11:12) The role of stress

(16:00) Root causes of constipation

(20:35) Morning routine to relieve constipation

(23:20) Undereating

(26:18) Exercise

(31:05) Steps to improving gut health

(33:18) Mineral intake

(36:22) Chew your food


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