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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

 Join Dr. Becky Campbell and Connie Zack, as they discuss the remarkable benefits of Sunlighten's cutting-edge infrared saunas. Discover the life-changing potential of infrared light therapy, which was the beacon of hope for Connie Zack's brother, transforming his health and inspiring the birth of Sunlighten.


Sunlighten has harnessed the healing potential of infrared light, offering a path to wellness for those battling chronic fatigue, mercury poisoning, and a range of health challenges. Learn how Sunlighten's unwavering commitment to innovation has significantly influenced the infrared sauna industry, ensuring that the maximum amount of infrared light is channeled into the body, delivering unparalleled health benefits.


In this enlightening episode, we get into the science behind infrared sauna use, the diverse benefits of different types of infrared, its potential in addressing stress, depression, and heavy metal poisoning, and gain invaluable sauna usage tips. Tune in to uncover the radiant journey of Sunlighten and how their mission to improve lives has profoundly shaped the world of infrared saunas.



(02:52) What is infrared?

(05:30) Benefits of different types of infrared

(22:54) Stress and depression

(30:03) Infrared & heavy metal poisoning  

(33:52) Sauna use tips

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