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Health Babes Podcast

Dec 19, 2023

We dive deep into the world of heavy metals in this enlightening episode of the Health Babes Podcast, sponsored by Sunlighten. Unveiling the symptoms and effects of heavy metal toxicity, we dissect common sources of exposure, including culprits like mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and lead. From testing methods to the mobilization of metals through chelation, the try to equip you with some essential knowledge to navigate the complexities of heavy metal detoxification.

We share practical tips for gentle detoxification, covering remineralization, dietary adjustments, and the incorporation of detox techniques like castor oil packs, dry brushing, Epsom salt baths, and the potent infrared sauna. Join us in understanding the crucial role of sweating and discover the detoxifying benefits of infrared sauna, brought to you by Sunlighten. Empower yourself with the tools to navigate heavy metal exposure, ensuring optimal health and well-being.



(00:32) Toxic Metals and Impact on Detox Pathways

(01:54) Symptoms and Effects of Heavy Metals

(03:16) Impact on Minerals and Energy Production

(04:40) Sources of Heavy Metals

(05:24) Common Heavy Metals: Mercury, Aluminum, and Arsenic

(09:03) Other Common Heavy Metals: Lead

(10:01) Testing for Heavy Metals

(12:19) Chelation and Mobilization of Metals

(15:59) Gentle Detox Methods

(18:18) Remineralization and Diet

(19:13) Detox Methods: Castor Oil Packs, Dry Brushing, Epsom Salt Baths, and Infrared Sauna

(22:59) Importance of Sweating and Infrared Sauna

(27:39) Steps for Gentle Detox

(30:13) Importance of Pooping and Rule of Thumb

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