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Health Babes Podcast

Mar 2, 2024

Join us as we dive into the latest wellness products we have been implementing. From the Moxie Planner to rebounding workouts and beyond, we explore a myriad of products and practices. Discover the benefits of coffee with protein powder, micro chop salads, and Bedrock Bakers English muffins. Learn innovative ways to use protein powder and tackle sensitive teeth whitening. Tune in for insights on staying organized, exercising effectively, and enhancing your well-being!



03:03 Makeslife Planner

06:22 Rebounding

08:14 Coffee Protein Shake

11:36 Micro Chop Salad

13:57 Bedrock Bakers English Muffins

20:33 In Pro Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

23:21 Using Protein Powder in Coffee

25:36 Sensitive Teeth Whitening

28:12 Baked by Melissa Micro Salad

30:35 Brownies Face Taping

40:11 Conclusion

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