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Health Babes Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

In this episode, we discuss the health complications associated with mold in your environment.


Mold, a fungus, thrives in moist environments and can wreak havoc on our health when it infiltrates our homes, workplaces, or cars. With most homes having a history of water damage, the problem is more widespread than most realize. Join us as we delve into various aspects of mold, including the difference between mold and mycotoxins, related illnesses, the varying degrees of sensitivity, testing methods, and effective treatment strategies.


As experts in the field, the Health Babes provide valuable insights and knowledge on this often-overlooked issue, helping you better understand and address mold-related health challenges. Don't miss this episode as we explore the hidden threat of mold and empower you to take control of your well-being.



(00:50) What is Mold?

(04:00) Why mold is overlooked

(05:43) Mold vs Mycotoxins

(09:51) Illness related to mold

(15:23) Varying degrees of sensitivity 

(18:00) Testing for mold

(19:50) Treating mold illness

(25:56) Food

(39:10) Using an infrared sauna

(48:45) Supplementation


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