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Health Babes Podcast

Jul 4, 2023

In this episode, we brought in a special guest, Dr. Mamina Turegano, a highly accomplished dermatologist, internist, and dermatopathologist who sheds light on a range of fascinating topics. 

Throughout our conversation, we cover a multitude of topics relating to skincare, including retinols and retinoids, pore size, the power of vitamin C, and the importance of sunscreen. Dr. Mamina also provides valuable insights on treating acne scars, the benefits of red light therapy, and effective solutions for stretch marks and hair loss. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast, seeking expert advice, or simply curious about these topics, this episode is packed with valuable information. Tune in and join the Health Babes as they explore the world of beauty and wellness from a holistic standpoint.



Botox (01:29)

Retinols & Retinoids (10:37)

Pore size (14:47)

Vitamin C (17:55)

Sunscreen (20:20)

Treating Acne Scars (26:53)

Red Light Therapy (34:12)

Stretch Marks (36:00)

Hair Loss (39:44)


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