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Health Babes Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with Laura Adler about environmental toxins. What environmental toxins are, how we’re exposed, what effect environmental toxins have on the body, what to do in order to reduce your load and support your body’s natural detoxification processes, and simple steps you can take to minimize exposure at home.


  • Meet Lara Adler (00:07)
  • What are environmental toxins? (00:30)
  • How environmental toxins affect endocrine health (04:44)
  • Deciphering tox screens (13:05)
  • Opening detox pathways and the importance of avoidance (16:30)
  • Addressing fat-soluable toxins (18:44)
  • Getting rid of hormone disrupting chemicals in your home and reducing exposure (24:37)
  • Reducing anxiety and overwhelm around environmental toxins (47:21)
  • The benefits of air filters, especially in emergency situations (53:22)
  • More from Lara Adler (56:05)