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Health Babes Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

In this episode Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn chat with health coach Alissa Frazier. She specializes in mental health, body & nutritional wellness. Despite living with chronic MS, she experiences very few symptoms today thanks to her holistic approach and health journey. Throughout the episode, Alissa explains the specific drivers of MS symptoms and why managing stress and regulating the nervous system is crucial to treating the disease. We also talk about how diet and nutrition play a major role in health, but are often neglected by conventional medicine. 



  • Alissa’s journey with MS ( 00:43 )
  • Diet & nutrition for MS (11:47)
  • Lesions (17:11)
  • AI disease & the microbiome (20:43)
  • Your environment as a driver (22:22)
  • Freeze mode (24:30) 
  • Managing pain and symptoms through movement (29:46)
  • Struggling with MS diagnosis (35:10)
  • Resources from Alissa (41:30)



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