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Health Babes Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

Join Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn on this episode of the Health Babes podcast as they welcome Dr. Jaban Moore, a functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Moore shares his passion for restoring health through a multi-therapeutic approach, which stems from his own health journey with Lyme disease. During the episode, we discuss parasites and how they can impact our health. We learn about how you can get parasites, the limitations of testing for them, and how they can lead to other health issues like mold and heavy metal exposure. We learn the best testing methods and common symptoms experienced with parasites, as well as why chronic illness has become very common. Additionally, the episode will touch on detoxing effectively, treating highly sensitive patients, and comparing neurofeedback with limbic, somatic, and vagus nerve retraining. Tune in to gain some valuable insights on this important topic!



  • Meet Dr. Jaban Moore (01:00)
  • Detoxing effectively (07:00)
  • Treating highly sensitive patients (12:18)
  • Neurofeedback vs limbic, somatic & vagus nerve retraining (17:13)
  • Pathogens to look out for (23:38)
  • Common symptoms experienced with parasites (29:12)
  • Best testing (33:56)
  • Why chronic illness has become very common (37:08)




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