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Health Babes Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn invited Sarah Kleiner, a certified nutrition and quantum health coach, to share her insights on some really interesting topics. In this episode, Sarah takes us through a captivating discussion on leptin resistance, explaining what it is, and the different factors that can cause it, such as diet and the environment. We also focus on practical tips on how to reverse leptin resistance, the significance of the circadian rhythm, and explore why it's essential to work on it and how it can impact things like hormonal health. Sarah shares her love for different colored eyeglass lenses, discussing their potential benefits, and the importance of being mindful of the color and timing of glasses we wear. If you're interested in learning how to optimize leptin and your circadian rhythm, this episode is not one to be missed. 



  • Sarah’s health journey (00:59)

  • What is leptin resistance? (07:36)

  • Drivers of leptin resistance (11:00)

  • Reversing leptin resistance(18:02)

  • Working on your circadian rhythm (20:55)

  • Different colored lenses (29:18)

  • What to do when you wake up early (36:16)




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