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Health Babes Podcast

May 2, 2023

Join Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn as they dive into the world of root cause medicine and optimal wellness. Discover what root cause medicine is and why it's important, and hear how you can integrate a functional medicine approach when addressing your health.


Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn share their experiences and insights on home life and parenting, and reveal their favorite skincare hacks for achieving and maintaining healthy, glowing skin. They emphasize the importance of keeping your inflammation bucket low by using clean products as much as possible.


Tune in to hear more about the new courses offered by Health Babes, designed to make functional medicine more accessible and convenient for everyone to do from home.



  • What is root cause medicine? (01:30)

  • Where you should start when seeking out functional medicine (15:38)

  • Home life and parenting (24:50)

  • Our favorite skincare hacks (35:17)

  • Our courses (44:55)




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