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Health Babes Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

The Health Babes chat with Dr. Stephen Cabral, a naturopathic doctor with a remarkable journey of healing and dedication to wellness. Dr. Cabral shares his extensive knowledge in a wide range of health topics including, heavy metal exposure, water filtration, electromagnetic fields (EMF), stress management and more.

We discuss his personal journey into functional medicine, inspired by his own health challenges at a young age. He explains the concept of "The Rain Barrel Effect" and unpacks the importance of addressing heavy metal exposure and the significance of water filtration. Discover how EMFs can impact your health and explore practical strategies to create healthier living spaces. Dr. Cabral also shares insights from his vast experience and numerous certifications in the natural health field, offering valuable guidance.



(02:00) How Dr. Cabral got into functional medicine

(06:45) The Rain Barrel Effect

(10:35) Heavy metal exposure

(19:55) Water filtration

(23:30) ElectroSmog

(25:50) EMF food

(29:57) Sick buildings

(37:51) De-stress protocol


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