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Health Babes Podcast

Aug 15, 2023

Can’t seem to lose weight with cardio? Scared to try strength training because you don’t want to get bulky? In this episode with Sal Di Stefano, we talk about how to deal with weight loss plateaus, how exercise impacts your hormones, how to lose weight without starving yourself, and so much more.


  • Meet Sal Di Stefano (00:14)
  • The cardio craze and the obesity epidemic (03:07)
  • The benefits of resistance training and the science behind it (16:18)
  • What to do when the scale won’t budge (20:42)
  • Why we shouldn’t view the scale as a measure of health (27:39)
  • Self acceptance versus self love and finding compassion in tough love (33:53)
  • How fitness adds to quality of life, not necessarily quantity (45:33)
  • Where the fitness industry can go too far (48:06)
  • How hormones affect weight loss and vice versa (52:21)
  • The risk of getting bulky, and why it’s not a thing (59:23)
  • The Resistance Training Revolution and what makes it different (01:02:35)
  • More from Sal (01:07:17)


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