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Health Babes Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn, are joined by Chris Mirabile, the Founder/CEO of NOVOS Labs, a Public Benefit Company dedicated to leveraging science and testing to slow aging naturally and safely.


In this episode we discuss the topic of longevity and aging as Chris goes into the concept of biological age, which differs from our chronological age. Learn about the 12 biological causes of aging, top nutrient insufficiencies that impact the aging process, and the critical role of NAD in aging. Chris also shares insights on ways to test your biological age, providing valuable knowledge to improve longevity.


NOVOS is at the forefront of providing great nutraceuticals, tests, and knowledge to help you enhance your healthspan and quality of life. If you're intrigued by the science of aging and eager to uncover some wisdom relating to longevity, don't miss this episode! 


(02:03) meet Chris Mirabile

(06:35) Biological age

(09:21) Biological causes of aging

(18:24) Nutrient insufficiencies 

(22:32) Aging and NAD

(30:08) Testing

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