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Health Babes Podcast

May 24, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Becky Campbell opens up about her own healing journey with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) in this captivating Q&A session with Dr. Krystal Hohn. Gain invaluable insights as Dr. Campbell candidly shares her personal experiences, offering a unique perspective on MCAS and its management. We also dive into discussions on skin care, detoxification, laser treatment, finding joy amidst challenges, prioritizing sleep, treating mold exposure, and managing bowel irregularity. With Dr. Campbell's firsthand account, you'll be inspired with practical strategies to navigate MCAS while fostering overall well-being. Tune in for an empowering episode filled with personal anecdotes and expert advice.




  • Q & A with Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn (00:36)

  • Dr. Campbell’s healing journey with MCAS (01:00)

  • Skin care (11:50)

  • Detox and liver support (14:30)

  • Laser treatment and MCAS (19:00)

  • Finding joy and cultivating fun (22:30)

  • Prioritizing sleep (23:38)

  • Treating mold exposure (25:42)

  • Working with bowel irregularity (28:30)






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