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Health Babes Podcast

Aug 8, 2023

In this episode we're honored to host Chris Kresser, a renowned functional medicine practitioner and bestselling author. Join Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Crystal Hohn as they uncover the keys to addressing nutrient deficiencies, avoiding inflammatory foods, and embracing a nourishing approach to wellness.Throughout our conversation, Chris shares his remarkable health journey and breaks down crucial aspects of nutrition that profoundly impact our well-being.


Dive into the significance of nutrient-dense foods, and gain insights into the alarming prevalence of inflammatory foods in our diets. Discover the truth about cooking with fat and explore the pros and cons of the carnivore diet. Chris also demystifies common misconceptions about fiber and offers valuable information about his personally curated supplement line.


Don't miss this enlightening episode, empowering you to make informed decisions about your nutrition and embark on a journey toward a healthier, happier life.




(01:30) Chris Kresser’s health journey

(09:27) The importance of nutrient dense foods

(22:46) Inflammatory foods

(30:43) Cooking with fat

(39:02) The carnivore diet

(46:05) Fiber

(51:38) Chris Kresser’s supplement line


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