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Health Babes Podcast

Aug 8, 2023

In this episode we break down the reasons behind unexpected reactions to supplements, foods, and environmental factors. Drawing from our extensive patient experience, we shed light on the challenges of unresponsiveness or reactivity to supplement protocols. We explore how gut health can be compromised by imbalances, sensitivities, and environmental triggers, leading to persistent issues. We also share personalized strategies for guiding sensitive clients while emphasizing a compassionate approach to foster progress.


Listen as we talk about understanding mast cells' role and actionable ways to support them for improved well-being. If you've encountered setbacks on your wellness journey or struggled with your body's reactions, this episode offers invaluable insights to embrace your uniqueness and navigate your individual needs.




(04:02) Why you may not respond well to a supplement protocol

(14:37) Common drivers of gut issues

(23:23) Our approach to working with clients who are sensitive to treatment

(30:25) Supporting the mast cells

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