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Health Babes Podcast

Sep 5, 2023

Join Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn on the Health Babes podcast as they answer your questions about hormones sourced from their listeners. In this episode, they explore the impact of estrogen on histamine intolerance, the role of progesterone in ovulation, the significance of hormone testing, and how to decipher your symptoms. Plus, gain insights into estrogen metabolism, and achieving quality sleep. Tune in to empower and educate yourself with the Health Babes!



(02:12) Question #1 - How does estrogen impact histamine intolerance?

(07:08) Question #2 - Can you still have symptoms of low progesterone but still be ovulating?

(13:60) Question #3 - What is the Dutch Test and how is it different from standard bloodwork for hormones?

(23:20) Question #4 - How to know if my symptoms are linked to MCAS, blood sugar imbalance, or hormones?

(28:55) Question #5 - What are the best ways to detox estrogen?

(50:28) Family life

(54:08) Getting better sleep


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