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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

In this episode we navigate the maze of diet choices. Recognizing the frustration in deciphering conflicting dietary advice, we emphasize the absence of a universal diet, instead advocating for personalized approaches based on differing needs. From insightful discussions on elimination diets to the nuances of low histamine, oxalate, and salicylate diets, we share practical insights and personal anecdotes, debunking the one-size-fits-all myth.


We get into the complexities of Carnivore diets, shedding light on cases where patients find relief but stress the importance of addressing underlying factors for long-term success. Listener questions spice up the conversation, touching on fish oils for Histamine Intolerance, insights on birth control transitions, and the intersection of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome symptoms with exercise. Join us for a concise exploration of diet culture, offering clarity and practical guidance for those seeking a personalized path to well-being.


(02:58) Navigating different diets

(07:53) How Becky & Krystal eat to feel well

(19:35) What causes ovulation pain Questions from our listeners 

(22:40) Can you take fish oils if you have Histamine Intolerance?

(24:01) Coming off birth control

(26:43) MCAS symptoms and exercise


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