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Health Babes Podcast

Jan 2, 2024

In this episode Dr. Anthony Youn breaks down the core elements of skin health and anti-aging. Discover the four main causes of aging, unravel the truths about collagen supplementation, and learn about the impact of lifestyle factors like alcohol. Dr. Youn introduces the revolutionary concept of autojuvenation, unveiling five key factors that can transform your skin. From simple skincare routines to controversies surrounding sunscreen, this episode is a comprehensive guide to timeless beauty. Explore the 21-day jumpstart program and find out the best cosmetic treatments for lasting results. Don't miss out on essential insights into diet, collagen supplements, and understanding the diverse types of collagen.

01:50 Four Main Causes of Aging
06:29 Collagen Supplementation
09:13 Effects of Alcohol on the Skin
12:32 Autojuvenation and the Five Key Factors
16:50 Simple Skincare Routines
23:42 Controversies and Recommendations on Sunscreen
29:40 The 21-Day Jumpstart Program
32:02 Best Bang for Your Buck Cosmetic Treatments
39:56 Thread Lifts and Non-Invasive Facelift Alternatives
47:25 Using Plastic Surgery as a Last Resort
48:52 Importance of Diet and Collagen Supplements
49:21 Choosing the Right Collagen Supplement
50:17 Different Types of Collagen
51:16 Where to Buy the Book

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