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Health Babes Podcast

Jan 9, 2024

In this episode, Dr. Evan Hirsch unravels his compelling journey into functional medicine and his passionate mission to empower individuals in conquering chronic fatigue. Join us as Dr. Hirsch navigates the intricate causes of chronic fatigue, emphasizing the critical need to address deficiencies and toxicities for a holistic approach to wellness. Patience takes center stage in the recovery process, and the significance of opening up drainage pathways for effective detoxification is underscored.

Dr. Hirsch explains the transformative four-step Energy MD method and explores the pivotal role chronic infections play in the realm of chronic fatigue. Gain valuable insights into infection testing and discover the nuanced, individualized approach necessary for sensitive patients.


(01:50) Introduction and Background
(05:11) Understanding Chronic Fatigue
(07:00) Causes of Chronic Fatigue
(08:26) The Importance of Patience in Recovery
(10:42) Opening Up Drainage Pathways
(12:06) Using Infrared Sauna for Detoxification
(13:35) Individualized Approach for Sensitive Patients
(16:08) The Four-Step Energy MD Method
(18:07) Identifying and Treating Chronic Infections
(23:21) Testing for Infections
(26:08) Addressing Multiple Causes Simultaneously
(28:26) Working with Sensitive Patients
(32:28) Supporting Sensitive Patients with Supplements
(35:39) Resources and Conclusion

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