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Health Babes Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn take a deep dive into the topic of detoxification, focusing on the liver. Discover the true meaning of detox and the intricate network of organs involved in this process. While the liver plays a significant role, we explore the various pathways in our bodies that contribute to detoxification, including sweating, bowel movements, the lymphatic system, kidneys, and lungs.


In this episode, we uncover the essential functions of the liver and provide practical tools for naturally supporting these systems. Learn about common signs indicating the need for liver support and the impact of diet, nutrition, cosmetics, household products, and alcohol on our detoxification processes. To ensure comprehensive liver support, we also discuss therapeutic approaches and techniques to optimize liver function.


Join us as we empower you with knowledge and strategies for a healthier, detoxified lifestyle. Tune in to the Health Babes podcast for insights, tips, and guidance on achieving optimal liver health and overall well-being.



Krystal breaks down detox (00:25)

Functions of the liver (01:22)

Signs you need to support your liver (05:11)

Diet and nutrition (10:45)

Liver support (17:05)

Cosmetics and household products (19:40)

Alcohol (27:24)

Therapeutics to support the liver (28:55)



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We started the Health Babes after struggling with our own health issues. After learning what worked for us and our own patients, we decided to expand beyond practice and create a podcast, virtual health programs, and a book that have helped thousands feel better by giving them the knowledge to take control of their health.


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