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Health Babes Podcast

Jul 11, 2023

Join Dr. Krystal Hohn as she addresses the burning questions from listeners and shares her personal experiences and expertise. From the products she uses and her skin care secrets to her hair care regimen and favorite cosmetic procedures, Dr. Hohn spills all the insider tips and tricks.


But it doesn't stop there. Dr. Hohn also opens up about what she eats to stay nourished, and reflects on how her dietary choices have evolved over time. Plus, she reveals her workout routine and favorite fitness practices to inspire and motivate you on your own fitness journey. She even emphasizes the importance of finding inner peace and joy as crucial elements for overall health and well-being. To top it off, she shares her top three action steps for achieving better health. Tune in and discover and gain valuable insights, and be empowered to enhance your own health and well-being.



(01:37) Products I Use

(04:15) Skin Care

(13:03) Hair Care

(17:04) Cosmetic Procedures

(22:14) What I Eat in a Day

(29:29) Diet now vs my 20s

(33:30) Fitness

(37:50) 3 Action Steps for Better Health


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