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Health Babes Podcast

Jul 18, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Becky Campbell and Ashleigh Vanhouten have an insightful conversation exploring strength training for women, mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight, and the power of organ meats. Ashleigh is an author, speaker, and leading authority on understanding the nutrient density of animal protein. Discover the nuances of strength training for women, gain insights into common weight loss mistakes, and explore the unique nutritional profile and health benefits of organ meats. With practical tips and expert knowledge from Ashleigh, this episode empowers women to prioritize their health, overcome challenges, and unlock their body's potential for strength, well-being, and optimal nutrition.


Tune in to this enriching episode and embark on a transformative journey toward strength, wellness, and embracing the power of organ meats.




(02:22) Strength Training: Men vs Women

(14:10) Mistakes Made When Trying to Lose Weight

(22:03) Organ Meats

(34:38) What Ashleigh Eats Daily

(46:35) More from Ashleigh


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