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Health Babes Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with men’s health expert, Dr. Tracy Gapin. They go beyond testosterone to really dig into the pillars of men’s health, moving away from the traditional medicine model of bringing men back to neutral and pushing towards optimization using epigenetics to tailor protocols, along with peptide therapy and wearable tech to individualize men’s healthcare.


  • About Dr. Tracy Gapin and his approach (00:14)
  • The testosterone pandemic (05:10)
  • Environmental causes of low testosterone (10:26)
  • Lifestyle, epigenetics, and finding a tailored approach to men’s nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness (15:04)
  • Taking a system based approach to men’s health (18:17)
  • All about peptide therapy (21:43)
  • Male 2.0: cracking the code to limitless health and vitality (24:57)
  • More from Dr. Tracy Gapin (26:37)