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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

In this episode of Health Babes, we talk with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, she is an integrative physician, board-certified in Family Medicine, and completed her undergraduate work in Human Nutrition Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism. We discuss the importance of protein, how it plays a vital role in our physical health by increasing energy and longevity, and ways to make informed decisions about consuming certain animal products.



  • Meet Dr. Gabrielle Lyon (01:00)
  • The link between skeletal muscle & aging (05:57)
  • Animal protein and agricultural practices (12:50)
  • Protein as a protector of muscle tissue (19:27)
  • Plant protein vs animal protein (25:49)
  • Anabolic resistance (28:24)
  • Muscle as an immune regulator (35:59)



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