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Health Babes Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

DESCRIPTION: This time on Health Babes, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn talk with Dr. Sam Rader. She is the creator of Source Code, an approach that leaves behind traditional psychology to focus on the spiritual dimension of healing. Dr. Sam believes that our early childhood experience writes a code in our unconscious, which then determines the way that the rest of our story unfolds. She helps people rewrite their code for a healthier, more beautiful life. Dr. Sam’s book on the 12 Coping Styles will debut in January 2023 with Harper Wave Publishers.   

Tune in as Dr. Sam discusses the significance of childhood development, different coping styles, and how we can identify those ways of coping to rewrite our code to live at our full potential.




  • Meet Dr. Sam Rader (01:08)
  • Psychological development in childhood (02:23)
  • The Source Code (05:13)
  • Coping Styles (08:22)
  • Supporting your children (18:53)
  • Sam’s upcoming book (20:59)




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