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Health Babes Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with their patient, Jessika Carr: the first full-time WWE female referee in history. Jess shares her experience with working on her relationship with food to heal her body, the mindset shifts she made around weight loss and body image, plus how she got to where she is now: a strong, driven, energetic wrestling rockstar.

Image courtesy WWE.


  • Meet Jessika Carr (01:56) 
  • Jess’s path to WWE (08:53)
  • Finding your identity outside of your own expectations (10:34)
  • Body image and retraining your mindset (14:23)
  • Using data as a tool (16:26)
  • Rewriting negative self talk for long term goals (22:27)
  • Jess’s motivation, finding the “why” (32:10)
  • Reframing the conversations around weight (35:22)
  • What’s next for Jess (37:40)