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Health Babes Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro about the benefits of castor oil packs. Dr. Marisol is the founder of the castor oil line, Queen of the Thrones. She shares with us her knowledge about the benefits of using castor oil based from personal experience and with her own clients. We learn about the different applications, where it can be used on the body, and how it can support the lymphatic system, hormonal health, digestion and so much more. 



  • What is castor oil? (01:15)
  • Benefits of using castor oil packs (06:23)
  • Where it can be used on the body (16:03)
  • Considerations when choosing a castor oil (22:32)
  • Contraindications (26:56)
  • More from Dr. Marisol (37:26)




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