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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn talk with Dr. Julia Britz. She is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in integrative mental health. Her areas of focus include OCD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and psychiatric medication tapering. We learn about Dr. Julia's journey with anxiety and OCD and how she was able to manage and overcome it. We discuss the difference between healthy anxiety and bad anxiety, and where it comes from. Listen as they unpack the pros and cons of different therapies, which supplements and nutrients are beneficial, and how tapering off psych meds can be done in a safe and effective manner with professional help.



  • Meet Julia (00:51) 
  • Good & bad anxiety (04:29)
  • Tools for managing anxiety (09:10)
  • Therapies for ocd & anxiety (14:
  • Meditation (19:33)
  • Tapering off medication safely (23:38)
  • Histamine and medication (25:58) 
  • Julia’s journey with medication (29:37)
  • Nutrients and supplementation for mental health (37:36)
  • Supporting your mental health (40:08)




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