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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

 In this episode Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn chat with Kate Deering. She is a personal trainer and holistic nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle coach. When it comes to the health world, the word metabolism can be thrown around a lot without us actually understanding what it really means within the context of health. We learn from Kate about the different functions of our metabolism in the body and what we can do to regulate it. We also address some common misconceptions about metabolic health and present tangible solutions that actually promote a healthy metabolism. Listen in and find out what you can do to improve your metabolic function through food, movement, and more.



  • Meet Kate Deering (00:57)
  • Key signs of a slow metabolism (07:38)
  • Body temperature and pulse (09:04)
  • Foods to support a healthy metabolism (17:48)
  • Thoughts on keto diet (27:00)
  • Connection between glucose & the liver (30:21)
  • Hydration (36:42)
  • 3 action steps for a regulated metabolism (41:15)




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