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Health Babes Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

In this episode Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn chat with The Mold Medic, Michael Rubino. He is known as an expert when it comes to dealing with indoor air quality and toxic mold. Toxic mold exposure can be the culprit of many health issues like chronic fatigue, cognitive health issues, and autoimmune disease. Listen as we talk about the different types of mold, where it can be found, the effects of mycotoxins, and what to do if remediation is necessary.



  • Meet Michael Rubino
  • What is mold? (00:53)
  • Different mold types (02:28)
  • Where it can grow (05:46)
  • Testing for it (19:09)
  • The effects of mold are real! (25:42) 
  • Common symptoms (30:56)
  • Michael’s experience with mold (35:50)
  • MERV air filters (42:32)
  • Removing mold (46:34)
  • More from Michael (57:00)



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