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Health Babes Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with Dr. Stephanie Estima, author of The Betty Body, about everything women’s health. From diet and exercise, to orgasms, libido, and pleasure, they unpack how pleasure is our divine birthright, the science behind how orgasms impact our overall wellness, and what we can do to incorporate more balance in our day to day.


  • Meet Dr. Stephanie Estima and her book, The Betty Body (00:14)
  • What is a Betty? (03:10)
  • Keto cycling for women (05:30)
  • How to sync your cycle with exercise (11:03)
  • Stress management techniques and brain support (18:28)
  • Creating a nighttime routine that works (23:18)
  • Sex, orgasms, and the 7-day orgasm challenge (27:28)
  • Foreplay for women (34:43)
  • More from Dr. Stephanie Estima (40:21)