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Health Babes Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

 In this episode Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hohn chat with Jordan Hardgrave. He is a coach and is the founder of the Trauma Free Academy. Jordan shares with us his own experience of depersonalisation, what types of treatment helped him overcome it, and how he works with clients who currently suffer from it. During the episode we explore how trauma responses affect the body. We examine the importance of releasing our emotions and unpacking the root cause of trauma so we can undo certain triggers. We also learn how to identify forms of gaslighting, how distance yourself from people with narcissistic traits and more.



  • Jordan’s personal journey with trauma (00:45)
  • Approaching trauma through the body (12:12)
  • Dealing with the root of trauma (20:57)
  • Depersonalisation and derealisation (30:27)
  • Crying (36:39)
  • Narcissism (45:45)
  • Link between narcissists and empaths (51:45)
  • More from Jordan (01:08:00)



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