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Health Babes Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

 In this episode, Dr. Marc Sklar, a renowned fertility expert, delves into the complexities of infertility and offers practical advice and solutions for those struggling to conceive. Join us as we discuss the various factors that can impact fertility, including stress, hormones, and environmental factors. We also explore the various testing options available to help identify any underlying issues that may be interfering with conception. From diet and lifestyle, to the products you use on your skin and hair, Dr. Sklar covers the many ways you can optimize your fertility and increase your chances of pregnancy.


  • Dr. Mark Sklar background in fertility (00:50)
  • Drivers of infertility (04:10)
  • Ovulation issues (10:37)
  • Testing and labs (14:20)
  • Other contributors to infertility (17:52)
  • Clomid and letrozole (23:07)
  • Natural conception and assisted techniques (28:36)
  • Anxiety with fertility issues (34:18)




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