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Health Babes Podcast

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Krystal Hohn is joined by her husband, Dr. Chris Hohn. They share their insights on their relationship, family life, and how they prioritize their time together and with their kids. They discuss the importance of discipline, nutrition, and healthy routines in their daily lives. As they reflect on their own experiences, Krystal and Chris share valuable advice on finding balance in life and maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. 

Krystal touches on the future of Health Babes and their plans for expanding their programs to help even more people achieve their health goals and make functional medicine more accessible. Join us for an engaging and inspiring conversation on building a fulfilling life with your partner and family. 



  • Meet Chris, Krystal’s husband (00:15)

  • Discipline, work, and family time (02:55)

  • The importance of routine (06:55)

  • Food and nutrition (08:15)

  • Being present with your children (15:48)

  • Being social (18:55)

  • The benefits of the Health Babes programs (22:42)

  • Finding balance in life (31:45)

  • What Krystal & Chris prioritize in their relationship (37:15) 

  • The future of Health Babes (44:15)




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