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Health Babes Podcast

Jan 16, 2024

Join us for a revitalizing episode on detoxification. We decode the subtle language of your body, unveiling signs of poor detoxification – from nagging headaches to fatigue, hormonal imbalances, brain fog, skin dilemmas, digestive disruptions, and heightened sensitivities.

Dive deep into the intricate detox pathways that weave through your body, including the cleansing actions of perspiration, liver function, lymphatic drainage and healthy bowels.

Gently start your detox journey and check out our free detox guide and core program for more details.



(00:40) Introduction to Detox

(01:10) Signs of Poor Detoxification

(02:09) Detox and Fatigue

(02:37) Detox and Hormone Imbalance

(03:03) Detox and Brain Fog

(03:31) Detox and Skin Issues

(03:56) Detox and Digestive Dysfunction

(04:24) Detox and Sensitivities

(05:18) Detox Pathways

(07:12) Supporting Detox: Diet and Nutrition

(10:03) Supporting Detox: Clean Water

(11:25) Supporting Detox: Air Quality

(14:06) Supporting Detox: Liver Support

(16:13) Supporting Detox: Bowel Movements

(17:28) Supporting Detox: Sweating


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